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It's not a brochure to attract tourists! Keith Bradford said:.

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Neither the town nor its air are rich in iodine. The "healthy, tangy, bracing smell" we notice at the seaside is in fact dimethyl sulphide, a chemical derived from rotting seaweed. The French call it "iodine", the Brits call it "ozone". If you must translate it, the cultural equivalent is therefore "ozone". A better translation is "bracing atmosphere" or "healthy air".

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  • Unless, of course, we can be told the location of the town and discover that it's in Chile, Japan or Oklahoma, where most iodine is found. I do think that the OP's explanation 8 should be taken into consideration. For me that indicates that the environmental iodine is a bad thing in this context. Oops, Itisi 20 got there first. No, rather I think it's like Nicomon quoted in 11, how the iodine climate is particularly recommended by medical professionals. If you google Thalassotherapy, it's a therapy that uses seaweed with lotsa iodine There is a region of France that seems to be marked by thalassotherapy but I'm also not trying to "out" the OP lol What on earth is an iodine climate?

    OK, there's iodine in seaweed, but it takes a very high wind to fill the air with seaweed! I'm not disputing the virtues of iodine; it's essential in treating thyroid deficiency and illnesses such as goitre, and is also useful as an antiseptic and antioxidant. But you buy it at a pharmacy, you don't breathe it in the air. They bear as much resemblance to the truth as their erroneous English equivalent "ozone".

    And I live in an area where thalassotherapy is a major industry.

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    And a good translator must choose to use something that is proper to English. Translate the meaning, not the words, and don't tell your reader lies! I think you guys aren't curious enough. The short ad is pretty easy to find and was written by the village baker, not a journalist.

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    There's a reason why I mentioned salt marshes. Qui contient de l'iode. Its iodized climate and the beauty of its coastal landscapes makes XYZ a place to visit all year around.

    France to distribute free iodine tablets to 2.2 million people

    In a dynamic and iodized atmosphere! Agency for Toxic SUbstances and DIseas Registry: "The oceans are the most important source of natural iodine in the air, water, and soil. Iodine in the oceans enters the air from sea spray or as iodine gases. Natch, I too agree with lingobingo! The aim surely is to translate to what a native speaker would say in the same situation? This is an article aimed at enticing a professionnel to move to the area and is listing the benefits of the place. In any everyday exchange I find it hard to imagine two anglophones referring to an iodized or iodine-rich environment, however encouraging potential candidates to apply by describing the bracing sea breezes, or the invogorating, healthy climate definitely sounds more plausible to me.

    We have a choice: technically correct -but ridiculous , or actually using standard terms that are perfectly normal and apt. Personally I'm all for being realistic and natural than for being technically correct and sounding either pompous or ridiculous. The original text is an ad to hire a doctor. The village wants to attract the person.

    I fully agree with Keith Bradford and Santana that the translation should remain at the same language level. Previously, France distributed iodine tablets to people living within a 10 kilometre radius from a nuclear plant but has now decided to widen the radius. During nuclear accidents, radioactive iodine is released into the atmosphere that when inhaled or swallowed by the thyroid gland can cause cancer in later years.

    When the thyroid gland is saturated with stable iodine, it no longer absorbs the radioactive iodine.

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    Search this Site. More search options The International Meiofauna Conference is the major assembly for scientists to present and share advances in meiofaunal research. Geospatial science provides vital information on the sustainable use of the coastal resource and planning.

    It an imperative use such techniques The course provides an introduction to the capabilities of the Remote Sensing for the coral reefs mapping. This includes practices in processing